17 January 2006

No Time for Hockey on my Eight Foot TV

People are always saying they have no time. I always thought they were full shit. There is lots of time. Or so I figured.

My exercize regime has me wondering if people did have a bit of a point. Get up, go to work, fuck the dog, go home, lift weights, swim, cook, eat (and catch up on the election news on TV), walk the dog, write some, read some, listen to the loudmouth radio guys and their cry baby call in phoners talk about the Canucks. There's my weekday in a sentence. I HAVE NO TIME! Bullshit. I have lots of time so long as I do not spend gobs of time watching hockey in front of my 8 foot wide TV I just bought three months ago when I thought I had lots of time.

I do not even know if Dope City managed to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight. I did hear they were ahead on the way home on the radio. I have no time for hockey! Bullshit. I do not even know if my Avalanche are still the talk of the hockey world.

I'm thinking of really laying off the horses. I have no time for the horses. Yeah right...

All this exercize is messing up my head. I have no time to think. There is only time to react to events like a goalie. Don't think, just react. The empty head philosophy of life...something I learned from my kung fu master many years ago when I had more time than I do now. Just let everything go! You are trained! You are the one!

Goalies have lots of time. At my best, I always approach life like a goalie, like Ken Dryden in 1972. Or like Billy Smith before everybody forgot about him becuse he was an Islander and not a Ranger. Messier wins one lousy Cup for New York and wins the Heart of the City. Billy wins four and he can barely keep a bar open. Or maybe like Andy Brown (how do I remember this shit?) the last NHL goalie to play without a mask. Goalies without masks know what it means to not have time.

1972!!! That was a while ago. The year I read Hunter Thompson's "Hells Angels" and never looked back. I did not have time to look back.

"No man is truly innocent." The words of Ted Bundy talking to me from my computer. I guess I could go psycho too. But I do not have time to go psycho. Going psycho does not just happen, it takes time, and I don't fucking have any.

I think I have time to kill a beer though. Fuck it. I still have time for a beer and a half hour of Corner Gas on the TV.

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