3 January 2006

New Song For Steepleton

Where I live now, a safe distance from the smoke of Dope City, the townfolk of influence like to think they are deflecting the worst excesses of the modern world away from ourselves and our precious children. There is no stripper bar and there is no casino. We have almost as many churches as we have prostitutes. The local newspapers allow churchmen to rant and rave about the Devil on their pages. The local council appears to have been plucked from a witch trial jury many centuries ago. Our local police can shoot dope grower's dogs with the best of them.

The sort of shit you expect to hear about just about any hick town. The sort of shit everybody knows is only part of the story in this century. For example, I heard a story told over the Christmas holidays about someone going into a local small shop looking for clothes where were heard these words from the store's 1000 watt sound system, "Gimme head, gimme head, gimme head, gimme head girl," repeated over and over again like a prayer.

The guardians of morality around here may be deflecting some of the temptations of Satan from our community. Trouble is, while the morality police have been looking busy tending to their out of date moral code, the people have been creating their own much more permissive moral code I like to think of as being good/bad - not evil.   

It really is quite remarkable. If I had walked down the streets of the Sliverville of my youth singing, "Gimme head, gimme head, gimme head, gimme head girl," at half the volume the stereo was turned to in that store the only head I would have ever seen was in the slammer. Today the same chant sells slacks to teenage girls.

Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up now!

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