24 December 2005

John Wayne Was A Cowboy

When I sit down to write I most always tune into WDVX-FM on my computer radio. I lucked into Knoxville, Tennessee's fine commercial-free station when I first began using a computer a few years back. The music they play is so good I do not even mind when they have people singing about God and shit on Sunday mornings. If you are going to read this here web journal I suggest you tune in too while you do so.

I did not always like bluegrass and good country music. There was a time I hardly listened to anything that did not have a destructive tone. On the wall of my office there is an old concert poster advertising a rock show featuring DOA, the Dead Kennedys and the Toxic Reasons. I was lucky enough to be young when there were lots of rock shows like that one to see. As I have gotten older I enjoy songs like the one I am listening to now about the Oklahoma hills more and more. Songs about an America, a world, long gone that we ain't going back to.

Speaking of country fuckers I must say I am impressed by the reception Broke Back Mountain is getting. I guess supporting a film like that is one way of saying, "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on," to the freedom hating zany religionists we are contending with these days. I read the cowboy story several years ago. My local library tries to keep stories about bum fucking off its shelves but this one slipped through the censor's net. I recall getting quite the chuckle reading about two cowboys carrying on as they were. The best stories are ones that turn stereotypes on their head. The success of this story will undoubtedly see Hollywood producing many pussy loving cowboy movies to try and set the record straight.

A few years back I stayed in the same bed and breakfast where Anne Proulx did her Newfoundland inspired writing. The sundeck of the place looked out over a small bay past which was the graveyard Atlantic. I wonder if Anne has some stories about gay Newfoundland fishermen in the bottom of a drawer.

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