26 September 2018

Retail Assistance

It has often been observed one cannot get assistance when one wants in the retail environment (or any environment for that matter). Yesterday I found the opposite to be true. It was the dinner hour mind you.

Have not been as regular as I might be recently and when you shit beer like I do this is a serious lacking. So serious in this instance I sought pharmaceutical assistance. On the shelves of the Big Store pharmacy were many make you go potions. What to choose? The urgency of the situation made me ask for some assistance in the near empty store.

“Try Senokot,” the young woman suggested. “It has been in my family’s medicine cabinet for many years.”

I looked at the boxes of Senokot. There were two different kinds.

“Should I get the kind with added stool softener?” I asked her.

She looked deep into my eyes with her brown eyes and appeared to summon all the empathy for me she could muster and said, “Oh yes. The more stool softener the better.”

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