11 May 2018

Dope City Top 30

Let’s have a go at formative albums shall we?

1. Deep Purple’s “Machine Head.” First album I bought. Still love it. Fuck you.

2. Lou Reed’s “Berlin.” My introduction to my favourite songwriter.

3. Humble Pie’s “Rockin’ the Fillmore.” My first live album. Few, if any, are better.

4. Slade's “Alive.” My second live album. Louder than amplified whale shit. Also my first rock show.

4. Status Quo’s “Quo.” First album buy from the band that were my favourites until The Pistols.

5. Black Sabbath’s entire catalogue. No explanation necessary.

6. Rush’s first album. Best cover ever.

7. Bang’s first album. Too fucking heavy. Cover similar to Rush’s.

8. Heart’s entire catalogue just because they played my high school.

9. Led Zeppelin’s entire catalogue. Best Heart cover band ever.

10. Sweeney Todd’s first album. Delta Rec Centre show.

11. Almost forgot The Who. “I Can See For Miles.”

12. John Cale’s “Slow Dazzle.” Still think Anne Murray should have sung “Dirty Ass Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

That gets me to the end of Grade 11. When I went to England for a year.

13. Eddie and the Hot Rods first three albums. Two of the best rock shows ever

14. Stranglers first several records. At least four killer rock shows.

15. The Velvet Underground.

16. Groundhogs.

17. Pink Fairies.

18. Hawkwind/Motorhead. Same bill Slough Fulcrum. All their records.

19. Television’s first two albums. Blondie backing them up in London. Whole crowd sing along to Pistols’ “God Save The Queen.”

20. “Never Mind the Bollocks.” Greatest album ever - by far.

21. Ramones.

Meanwhile back in Canada.

22. DOA.

23. Subhumans.

24. Black Flag.

25. Avengers.

26. Dils

27. Dead Kennedy’s.

28. UK Subs. Commodore show ‘82 - best rock show ever - by far.

29. Almost forgot Sparkling Apple.

30. Drive By Truckers’ every last minute.

Honourable mentions for another date. Long live rock ‘n’ roll!

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