7 December 2017

Long Gone To the Yukon

It is the oddest thing. A government making decisions that make sense.

That is what I am thinking now the government of British Columbia has outlined its plans regarding the forthcoming legalization of the plant my province is rightly famous for.

There will be lots of good paying jobs, many of them union, that has always been the main thing for me. Once the stigma attached to the plant that stubbornly refuses to disappear does just that there will be many more jobs in the agricultural/industrial sectors of our economy as hemp becomes further utilized.

The federal law is not nearly libertarian enough by far. That is clear. On the other hand it is not every Canadian who would be as comfortable with marijuana vending machines in schools as I would be. Let’s just say there is plenty of room for revision once my country gets the hang of Prohibition being long gone to the Yukon.

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