24 December 2017

Christmas In Prison

Had some more Christmas shit to do so I headed out early to get it done. I was the third person into the first store I hit. Spotted something I liked so I phoned Sonja and asked her, “You buy me any slippers for Christmas?”

“Get out of the store now!” She told me. “Every year you try and find out what I got you and every year you fail miserably. The only store I want you in is the liquor store!”

We do not go crazy with the Christmas gifts. If I get a new pair of slippers I am happy.

From that store I dropped off some broken down electronics at Recycling Heaven. Woman who helped me was as friendly as they come. Come to think of it everybody there always is friendly as fuck.

Had to cross town from there so I took a rural road to avoid my fellow last minute types. Road took me by my town’s snow surrounded prison. It was then my empathy for prisoners overtook me. Just about every last one of the poor fuckers in there need not be. Meat in the insatiable meat grinder of
Justice is all they are.

I had been giving some thought to the subject of New Year’s Resolutions so my empathy quickly gave rise to a plan of action for 2018. No one has burned down a prison for a while.

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Ray Blessin said...

Saw a list of former politicians and retired cops who are jumpin' on the Marijuana money train . . . dozens of the disingenuous fuckers!
How about the thousands of folks in prison for victimless crimes who should be released NOW! . . . they will be locked up even after Justin the Weasel makes the stupid law go away next year. He's a weasel . . . he's a fucking weasel!