15 November 2017

On Manitoba’s Rail Crisis

One of the great Canadian migrations, one that continues to this day, is the people of Manitoba moving to the Promised Land of British Columbia. Would not be here myself if my ancestors had not removed themselves from that vast frozen expanse of the West.

We do not often write of matters at hand in the Land of Handsome Dick but our silence will today be broken, in part because my ancestors came from Northern Greenstone Manitoba. A place I care about a lot, a place that depends on the rail line from the south to Churchill for their very survival. The very rail line that has been shut down north of Thompson and is on its way to being shut down completely by the incompetent operators the federal government handed over operations to some years ago.

Trouble is nobody with the power to do anything about it has done so. Manitoba’s Conservative government does not give a rat’s ass about the scant population of the north. They would hand over everything north of The Pas to Nunavut or anyone else willing to to take it at the drop of a snow shoe. The federal Liberals, while pretending to give a shit, are dragging their feet like the half human/half slugs they are.

See what we have? A problem created by Conservatives being furthered by the Liberals and the Manitoba Conservatives. There is a better way and I am happy both my province and the province of Alberta chose it. If we must be governed more Canadians than ever had better stop voting for parties that are more concerned about tax dodges for the rich and start voting for parties who focus on the needs of the working people of Canada.

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