21 September 2017

A Visit From The Hammer

I woke
Ten minutes
Before the
Fucking alarm.

I sensed
There was
Someone in
The room.

It was
A ghost,
The Hammer
Making sure

We were safe.


RossK said...

Was thinking of the Hammer myself the other day when I ran across the tablature for 'Dope City Blues'. Played it and it was good.

Safe, indeed.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

She was right by the bed when I woke up. Like she knew I might not open my eyes without her, as ever, silent presence. I think I may be following the well trodden Osborne Path: to Insanity.

Anonymous said...

Heh Beer
First time commenting, been following your blog for a few years now...
Thanks you.
I just about shit when I clicked on your blog, way to early yesterday morning, as I tried to shake the cobwebs as I prepared for another day of building road so you might get chance to use the fibre that the mega corp deemed not worthy of them.. I digress :)

As I was waiting for your page to load I thought that maybe it was time for you to change your home page picture even though I was glad that I didn't have to think about the picture of the Hammer that graced your page for so long. It always made me think of my passed dog.. (Which was actually a cat! but's that's a story for another day...)
Did surprise the shit out of me to hear about your ghost visit...
I too enjoy my visits with Stumper in my dreams...
Thank you for your insights...
Take care

RossK said...


Don't be silly.

No best friend of the canine variety would ever lead a man down such a path.



Occasionally, I still have dreams of my first dog as a kid. Going on almost 50 years ago now.