14 August 2017

Stetson Woods

Was a time if you attended games at Nat Bailey Stadium you would have attended with my friends and I: The Beer Army. We had some kind of fun in the bleachers there.

Then the AAA franchise fucked off to Sacramento and The Beer Army found better shit to do than follow the A franchise which took its place. Much as people around here lost interest in NBA basketball after the Grizzlies fucked off. Disloyalty is not something us Beers take kindly to.

The Expos scramming South sealed baseball in a coffin for what I figured would be the rest of my life.

Today though I found myself once again in the East End grandstand. The baseball was good (Salem's wild man starting pitcher Stetson Woods made a fan of me); the beer cold as ever; the fans both charming and civil, qualities of Dope City that are getting rarer by the day.


Danneau said...

Steve Rogers? 1994 was painful. Haven't been to the Nat in decades and mostly won't watch the adfests that pro sport has become. There's always next year, unless you're Steve Goodman.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Saw Rogers pitch his last 5 (shut out) innings at Nat Bailey, the one time home of the late Jim Bouton, a favourite sports writer of mine when I played the game with my Rogers signed glove. Dope City folk, who don't much care for outdoor activities not bathed in sun, sure like baseball played only in the rookie ball summer months.