5 August 2017

Like Living On Another Planet

There have been forest fires here in British Columbia. We are a much treed place. It is summer. Fires in British Columbia during summer are about as notable as a sunny day on the moon. British Columbia in summer is like a fire place jammed full of matches in a house full of unethical Anarchists.

Difference is the big bad Anarchists have been busier than usual.

We are bathed in the orange glow of the sun. We are choked by smoke thick as a licorice milk shake. We all smell like we have been camping for a week five minutes after we have showered. We are dazed. Confused. We lack oxygen.

It is like living on another planet.

The government, ever helpful motherfuckers they are, suggest we spend the day in malls because their air filtration systems are among the few capable of filtering out the microscopic particles choking us to fucking death.

Trouble is our malls, very damn few of them at any rate, do not have bars. Only one I can think of that does is Nordstrom's. Sonja and I will be there all weekend drinking their cold beer, red wine and breathing their air.

See you there, motherfuckers.


Bill said...

Good for you Beer... drinking beer instead of inhaling smoke. Sounds like a healthy prescription for this weekend.

Meanwhile the BC wildfires rage and the feedstock for you and your workmates is turning to ash. Stanley Q. noted on his blog (see Ross K's sidebar) that a local sheet of plywood doubled in price to $60 in just the past two weeks.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Disasters of all description have a way of keeping afloat the forest industry boat. Sort of makes up for the industry's own homing instinct for the rocks.