24 August 2017

Hamilton Harvey Record Department

Acquired a triple cd set of old Trojan sides on the weekend. 50 songs for 13 bucks. Could not have bought a record like that for 13 bucks when I was patronizing the Hamilton Harvey record department in 1972 for fuck's sake.

Rudy Mills, The Slickers, The Maytals, The Untouchables. Motherfuckers like that. The greats of reggae music. Which got me to thinking...

What the fuck happened to reggae music?

Everything I hear in the way of modern reggae is soft as ice cream in the Kingston sun.

What happened to the hard as steel reggae street walking cheetahs?

We need some of that good old dance worthy revolutionary Jamaican soul now more than ever.


motorcycleguy said...

I got my MonkeeMobile model in the toy department ....still have it and the original box it came in..a few years later I made my first music purchase there too...Led Zepplin I on cassette...oddly I still have the Bill Cosby I got at the same time, who'd a thunk either one woulda' panned out like they did....didn't buy a Monkees album until I got one for Christmas a couple of years ago...now I have a few. No Anne Murray though.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

My favourite Led Zeppelin record. (Just got a cd copy of "How the West Was Won." So good one can only assume they were listening to a lot of Anne Murray at the time.) On the 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death I put my lone Anne Murray 8-track in the player and enjoyed it with a glass of whisky and a handful of pills. We cannot all be Kings but we can all act like one. Viva Dope City.

motorcycleguy said...

"We cannot all be Kings but we can all act like one"...a line that bears repeating. People around people that read Dope City probably have a different idea of what makes one feel like a (The) King. F'em.