29 August 2017

Gordon Pinsent's "Roots"

As you fuckers who read the Dope City Free Press know, I like old records. I get to play them on my record player and drink a beer or two.

You same fuckers know how much I love my big fat country. Old records I like best, therefore, were performed by Canadians and both pressed and printed here. If it is fucking Canadian it is fucking best.

Which, today, brings us to Gordon Pinsent's "Roots" - the only album he ever recorded to my knowledge. All traditional Newfoundland songs recorded at Bay Studios in motherfucking T.O. Truly lovely bit of music I would have to describe as maybe the best Canadian record ever not counting all Ian Tyson's.

And "Not a snap, crackle or pop on the whole fucking [49 year old] thing," as Sonja put it as it spun round in the corner of our living room.

I could not be happier if Leonard Cohen knocked on my door.


Unknown said...

Hey Beer, just got back from a long weekend in Gibsons Landing.

For whatever reason, although we had a boat and our friend has a perfect back yard with barbecue and house attached, we ended up eating burnt steaks in the dark off the picnic table in the local campsite.

Not bad at all really.

It's a great August, I'm not sure when the rain is coming but hopefully not on Wednesday when we have tickets to see the B-52s at the PNE. Rock Lobster, baby!

- Jonku

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The PNE's outdoor stage is great place to see a rock show. Hope you keep down all that good PNE food down until after the show as you make your way home through the East End night. Love Shack, Baby!

Lulymay said...

Hey Unknown

My son introduced me to the B-52s and do they know how to rock! He and his wife like to head down across the line to around Marysville (an Indian Casino and Concert place) and see some great stuff. He tells me I should see The Reverend Horton Heat (sp?) and they often see Ringo Starr and his All-Star Band as well as Joe Walsh. Apparently Joe's facebook page is always interesting (he and Ringo are married to sisters) and he's often up hiking in the Pacific Northwest. There's so much out there where you don't have to pay that exhorbitant fee to Ticket Master and still get to see great entertainment.