28 July 2017

Start With Side A

When I got home I put on a record.

I sat down and listened to side A.

Then I got up, flipped the record over, and listened to side B.

Before I go on I should, perhaps, go back.

It had not been a good day at the office.

My office is a fucking sawmill.

So when I say a day is not good I am talking one motherfucker of a day.

The record was Ian Hunter's "Short Back 'n' Sides."


Hardcore motherfucking year that was.

The record with Mick Jones and Topper Headon playing on it.

If you still really like, or maybe have just discovered, The Clash's "London Calling" you really ought to go find yourself a copy.

Put it on your record player.

Start with side A.

Get up, flip it over, and listen to side B.

You will hear "Old Records Never Die" when you are just about halfway through the experience.

Your fucking sawmill, like mine, will have become little more than a distant buzz.

About as loud as a rotting corpse.

Long live Ian Hunter.

Long live London.


Long live rock 'n' roll.


Lenin's Ghost said...

Thx for the tip, Mr. Beer. Never heard of that one.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sometimes when you haven't heard a record for a while, and I have listened to all Hunter's records lots, a fresh listen can be as enjoyable as a first one you enjoyed decades ago. As respectful of the Clash's inventiveness as any are Hunter, Mick Ronson and everyone involved - and you can find copies of this one for next to nothing.

motorcycleguy said...

I picked up Never Alone with a Schizophrenic a while back and couldn't really get into it....will give it a fresh listen....and look for a copy of your pick here

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Hunter, of course, hit home run after home run with Mott the Hoople, hitting for extra bases and the occasional homer as a solo artist. His last several late career records have all been homers again. If I booked the Dope City Folk Music Festival I would get him to play a bunch of his more lyrical songs and a few rockers. He'd be a hit.