25 July 2017

On the Provinces' Legalization Foot Dragging

The provinces' call for Canada to hold off on the legalization of cannabis ought to embarrass each and every unit of our Confederation and every citizen therein.

Criminalizing shit is difficult. You have to get together the resources necessary to enforce the 85,000th law you have dreamed up or else you look stupid like governments did when they outlawed not wearing a bicycle helmet and most people kept not wearing  the fucking things.

Legalization is fucking easy. You do it and mop up any difficulties that arise if you think the mopping up is worth the effort. If the pros of legalization did not obviously outweigh the cons of maintaining Prohibition by a shit ton we would not be where we are: on the cusp of common sense.

Cut the dumb fuck act provinces! The future is now!


Scotty on Denman said...

The future was now, like, yesterday.

What governments are doing is norbal for them.

Ray Blessin said...

Release the folks who are in prison for victimless crimes! NOW!!