18 June 2017

On Music and The Great Canadian Prime Minister We Missed Out On

In addition to CKNW, the commercial fucking hillbilly local talk radio station I listen to upon waking up on work days, I listen to CBC radio on the way to and from the sawmill and for a few minutes before I go to sleep and dream about fucking Anne Murray.

I believe getting back to CBC, which I consumed much of as a younger man, has made me a little smarter than I would otherwise be. Learn all kinds of shit on the CBC.

For instance, one night recently, just before I joined Anne for a canoe fuck, I heard that what makes music valuable is the way it develops character. I am all for character. Reckon that is why I think Joe Keithley would have made such a great NDP MLA and why I continue to believe Anne Murray would make the best Prime Minister ever.

Character: something our country could use much more of.

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