13 June 2017

Canadian/American Lumber War 2017 (Report #1)

It has been a while since the United Shitheads of America tarriffed the forest industry I work in. Me and the boys in my sawmill have not been asked to lose any shifts yet. Maybe we will not get asked to. No one old enough to remember can remember if we did the last time our southern neighbours fucked us over on lumber.

We know the lumber trade well enough in 2017 to share what sense we can make of it however.

"Trump is a fucking idiot," pretty much sums that wisdom up. We all know it is the greedy American lumber barons who are behind the attempt to further limit Canadian lumber's access to the American market but we do not know the names of those motherfucking pigs yet. In the meantime it is convenient to have a scam artist like the current American president to pin a tail on.

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