26 May 2017

In Which Ian Tyson's Life Intersects With Mine Yet Again

Love music I do. New music, like say Bleached's three brilliant records, is a treat but even a union man cannot afford to keep his ears happy buying sealed product.

So it is old records, old records that will never die, to which I most often turn. By old records I include old cassettes and 8-tracks. Have not got a lot either of those formats. Several hundred cassettes. Few dozen 8-tracks.

Once in a while I find a gem. Like today. Found a copy of Ian Tyson's "And Stood There Amazed." No big deal to most people. Would not usually be a big deal to me either except this copy is signed by Tyson.

A signed cassette by the Canadian motherfucker who got Bob Dylan stoned the first time. Think I will mark the occasion with a glass of good whiskey and a big fucking steak.

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