1 May 2017

In Which I Switch Communications Providers

Switched corporations that provide Sonja and I our electronic services. I have been a little busy with provincial campaign participation so it was Sonja who was home when the installer got us set up with the new hardware necessary to be delivered their service.

Sonja phoned me while the installation was underway. "The guy broke the stereo stand and I don't think he got many of the cables straight but the tv is working at least."

When I got home I found her description apt. Stereo stand (a now archaic term, I know) in pieces, cables improperly connected or not connected at all, the power cord for the turntable missing completely. Cannot blame the installer for it all however: my sound system probably looks like it was engineered by Einstein on acid to a modern punk cable guy.

Yesterday I repaired the stand and got the cables right except for the DVD. TV sound is better than it used to be at least. Still cannot find the power cord for the turntable. (Luckily I have a spare.)

Getting the internet to all my devices took some time to sort out. The exasperated sighs from the trouble shoot geeks on the other end of the line made my efforts worthwhile however.

"The password Mr. Hockey. Type it in again!"

"I did type it in again. It's still not working."

"Try it again. One more time Mr. Hockey! You can do it!"

Asshole must have felt like the Canucks' power play coach explaining what the other team's net was for by the time we were done. Fuckers should all take a course in explaining shit to techno-feebs like me.

Getting my e-mail hooked up was another half a day. Assholes should send a man a fucking manual. Even one written by a Chinese or a Swede would be better than talking to someone on the other end of a phone fuck knows where.

It was a Jonathan Richman couple of days. I am so in love with the modern world.


Anonymous said...

At least you've never been called an asshole.

Unlike Pablo Picasso.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Not in Dope City...

motorcycleguy said...

Couple of weeks ago I almost piled up the SmartTV, the SmartPhone and the not so smart PC in the front yard and drive over them with my truck (the motorcycle would not have done a good enough job). Alas, the stigma it would have brought Mrs. Motorcycleguy just wouldn't be fair. So I had a glass (or more) of cheap red wine and it all got better. I gotta tell ya' those 1-800 tech people (from wherever they are) really are a patient bunch to walk us through....this from a guy that went direct from 8-track to BluRay. Wonder what they call you when they hang up the phone though.

Kudo's for your election stuff. I was door knockin' and had a guy that has spoiled his ballot ever since the CCF morphed into the NDP. I had a vague idea when that was but couldn't pin down the year. It was a long conversation in the rain, he said maybe he would have an epiphany and vote this year, but..... I doubt it.

I told him to get a glass of cheap red wine and put on Alice's Restaurant....."And friends they may think it's a movement"