8 May 2017

Dope City Free Press BC Election 2017 Editorial

The Dope City Free Press would like to suggest you vote for your local NDP candidate on Tuesday if you have not already done so. Unless you have the money needed to support a Hollywood cocaine habit a vote for anybody else is a vote against both your own and your neighbour's best interests. That is because, by focusing on non-millionaires, unlike the present government, a NDP government will make your life one fuck of a lot more affordable.

In other words, if you like having trouble keeping your family's finances in shape, should you even have family finances left to worry about, vote for the Liberals or their Green friends with benefits.

Same goes for those of you who like corrupt governments. Vote Green or their Liberal friends with benefits to keep that sick shit up.

The Dope City Free Press endorses the NDP on May 9th for those reasons and a great many more I have no time to outline here because in five minutes I am out the door trying to make it happen. You can do more than just try to make it happen. Vote, motherfuckers - and make sure your friends do too.

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