25 April 2017

Dirty, Dull, Dangerous Blues

I am
A sawmill worker.
It is
Not an easy life.

It is
Dirty, dull, dangerous work.
Three guys
In Woss would agree with me about that but they are dead.

It is
Dirty, dull, dangerous work but we do it to feed our families.

People like

Christy Clark pissing on us out her
Buick's window only motivates us to defeat her.

1 comment:

Ray Blessin said...

If you listen to the candidates in this provincial election, you can understand that it’s obvious that the so-called “Liberal” candidates just don’t care about you!
Then take a look at the New Democratic candidates anywhere in the Province . . . . . they obviously DO care about you!

I mean . . . . . it’s OBVIOUS!!

Just saying’