19 March 2017

Long Live Chuck Berry

Woke up. None too early. Sake, huge mistake like always. Japanese beer. If there was an antidote for drinking too much an ambulance would have been called and I would have needed more than one dose.

Made coffee. Made a lot of noise in the kitchen causing Sonja to ask, "What the fuck are you doing?" from between the covers.

I was putting on steel cut oats and starting the bread machine making some Del Mar Sunshine bread.

Before I had done any of that I put Chuck Berry's "The Great Twenty-Eight" on the record player because I heard he had died about the same time the second pot of sake got put in the middle of our tatami table.

Chuck Berry was there for me when I started rocking. Over 40 years ago and I am not stopping counting any time soon, motherfuckers.

Berry was one of the Kings. There are still a couple left. Then that'll be it.

Thanks for the music. Thanks for the good times. Thanks for you and your guitar making America what it used to be: Free.

Long live the Spirit of St. Louis. Long live Chuck Berry. Long live rock 'n' roll.


Lenin's Ghost said...

RIP. But not quiet. He has given me more joy and fun than I bloody deserved.

uniplmr1 said...

I owe him half my world.