14 March 2017

Fish 'n' Chips

Like most Canadians Sonja and I like our fish 'n' chips. When we moved to  Steepleton our first meal out was for fish 'n' chips. We would still be eating their grease and drinking their beer if the joint had not gone up in fucking flames. We are loyal that way.

We found a new place soon enough. Ate their fish 'n' chips for maybe twenty years. Went there last Friday but the place was so packed and their take out line so long I decided, "Fuck it," and went somewhere else.

Other place was just about as busy. Had to drink three beer while I waited for my take out. I noticed people in this place, which is cheaper than the place we had been spending our money in for years, were of an income group a notch below the income group I usually hang out with. A mix of the retired and people who looked like they could use a union in their workplace.

"This shit is better than the other shit we have been eating," Sonja said between mouthfuls.

"Cheaper too," I added as I finished off another beer.

"Fuck the other place then," Sonja concluded.

"Fuck them up the bum," I agreed.

Thus ended our long customer relationship with Cunt Lover's Fish 'N' Chips.


Kim said...

Lol! We get two halibut and home cut fries at the pub, with two beers, it comes to $25.00. Best Fish'n Chips in town!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That is a good deal! Alas none of the pubs in my town serve fish 'n' chips anybody but Christy Clark could eat without washing the smile off their face.

Lenin's Ghost said...

Hmmm..... Would you care to share, Kim?