31 January 2017

Trump This. Trump That.

Trump this. Trump that. I am already beginning to not give a fuck. I am a Canadian who lives in Canada. Not much I can do to bring that motherfucking pig down from here. I already boycott so much American shit I do not know if I can add anything more to that list.

Basically I have enough fucking problems in my own country. You American assholes are on your fucking own.


Ray Blessin said...


Look at the comments following Leich’s FaceBook post! Ignorance: Vast & Deep! Just like "Americans".

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

There are many Canadians who keep both their feet firmly planted in the early part of the last century if not earlier. They tend to be proud of their values. They don't, but ought to, wear attire last popular in the Dark Ages.