7 January 2017

The Mighty Sparkling Apple

Some people believe in God.

Some people believe in Allah.

Some people believe in Anything.

I believe in Sparkling Apple.

We go back to the dawn of motherfucking rock 'n' roll.

I saw them in the Roller Rink. I saw them in the bars. I saw them at the PNE. I saw them down in the street.

I thought I had all their records - they only made a few. Then yesterday I spotted a copy of the first Vancouver Seeds lp. On the back cover I found Sparkling Apple had performed two of the songs on it - "It's Criminal" - maybe their best known song - and "Mighty Flight" - which I had never heard before. Turns out it is 6:40 of loud as fuck space rock written by their loud as fuck drummer Colin Hartridge.

Colin, my friends and know best from when he joined us first on a sidewalk lined up to see the Ramones nearly 40 years ago. He asked us after maybe half an hour or so, "You aren't going to keep smoking that shit until they open the doors are you?"

"Why the fuck not?" someone asked him back.

"The fucking bulls. They are all over this street," the man better known as Captain Maniac replied as two of the fuckers walked by.

"Fuck them," someone answered. "They smoke twice as much fucking weed as we do in our dreams."


Chuckstraight said...

They are still around.

Chuckstraight said...

https://youtu.be/kW-zH8oYBHU- you probably have seen it?