11 January 2017

Canadian Death Machine Sales To Saudi Arabia

In a nutshell I am an Anarchist because even countries like Canada, known more for our beer, marijuana and hockey than our statecraft, act like it is perfectly acceptable for whole nations of human beings to have a shit covered, heavy boot crushing their head FOREVER.

I am referring this morning to Canada's relationship with Saudi Arabia. Selling armoured personal carriers (statespeak for Death Machines) to a bunch of motherfucking head chopping, back lashing, crackpot religious philosophy thumping, .1%ers is not my fucking idea of Sunny Days Canada. I am not so sure Saudi Arabia would look good in a shithead to shithead comparison with North Korea, a country whose ass Canada has not kissed - ever.

For the record Justin Trudeau and his Death Machine Liberals can go fuck themselves - FOREVER.


ib said...

And while we are at it, add the British government to that list of snake eyed onanist purveyors of despair and mutilation.

Happy New Year, Beer.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Wankers! All the fucking best in 2017 to you.