11 November 2016


I'll give you television
I'll give you eyes of blue
I'll give you men
Who want to rule the world

- Iggy Pop

One thing that continues to astonish me (even though it was my expectation) is how the poets of my punk rock motherfucker generation got it so apocalyptically right.


Lenin's Ghost said...

Yup. They had the inspiration of all inspirations. Fucking Maggie!
Stand down margaret

motorcycleguy said...

speaking of television (and our local "meowsmen" who are calling in their rewards for running cat stories instead of news stories....then running for political office).....I'm The Slime....Frank Zappa

Anonymous said...

co-written I believe with David Jones aka Bowie.

A great song by Iggy, covered on Bowie's Let's Dance cash-in album. My fave Iggy tunes include Now I Wanna Be Your Dog, The Endless Sea and Lust For Life:

I'm worth a million in prizes
With my torture film
Drive a G.T.O.
Wear a uniform
All on government loan

Iggy is kinda the last man standing after Lou, Bowie and even Lemmy have bit the dust.

I guess Keith Richards is still a strolling clone too. His book ("Life") is hilarious I have read it about 3 times. He describes how he got the taste for things from an old blues guy who said how he kept going after a night of debauchery with "I take one of these" (benny) and "I smoke one of these" (joint).

Keef worked that upper/downer strategy into a habit for pharmaceutical heroin and pharmaceutical coke that he bought off registered English junkies.

Iggy's book is called I Want More, I never got a paper copy but read it on my computer monitor.

- Jonku

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Coolest thing I ever did was help hold Iggy above his adorable fans during a show here in Dope City. As for favourite song that's a tough one.