24 October 2016

What To Do With Scary Looking Clowns

I'm a gambler and I'm a runner
But you knew that when you laid down
I'm a picture of ugly stories
I'm a killer and I'm a clown

- Desperado by Alice Cooper

Are you fearful of like fucking near everything? If you are not you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back because you have every reason to be even if every reason you have to be afraid of something does not hold up real well to scrutiny.

Hell, even Canadians are afraid of a Donald Trump presidency even though Canada is a little down the hierarchy of things a TrumpAmerica would be interested in fucking with.

Besides that there is terrorists, environmentalists, drug fiends, climate change, earthquakes, forest fires, bicyclists, pit bulls, bikers, minorities, skateboarders, drunk drivers, the fucking police, street crazies, a million other fucking things and now, scariest of all possibly, people dressed up in nasty looking clown costumes.

Fear, in case you have not noticed, is something we have all been force fed since we screamed our way on to the planet. Fear paralyzes you at a time when your activity is more necessary than ever. Do not fucking buy it. We do not need that shit.

Fuck the clowns.

1 comment:

Lenin's Ghost said...

Fear and surprise. Surprise and fear. These are our too greatest weapons!
Yup. The powers that be control the masses by fear and by keeping them stupid.