22 September 2016

Jerry Jeff - Enough To Make A Man Believe

Put Jerry Jeff Walker's "Jerry Jeff" cassette in the living room player. 1978, motherfuckers. Took a seat in my big old chair. Opened 2002's "Gospel According to ESPN - Saints, Saviors and Sinners" which I bought because of the long introduction found therein by Hunter S. Thompson.

Tonight I could wrestle the devil
You know I just can't lose
Go on out and find me some fallen angel
To help me with these lowdown blues
She be knowin' 'bout the lowdown blues

I got me a Saturday night special
In case things should get too tough
I've been laid back too long
I believe I've had enough

Well I can't get the man to call a taxi
He could take me way downtown
Well I'm gonna fire up my Lincoln instead
Throw my money around, won't it look good downtown


"...and whosoever was not found written
 in the book of life
was cast into the lake of fire."
- Revelations 20:15

This was the theme of a sermon I delivered off the 20th floor balcony of the Regency Hyatt House in Houston on the morning of Super Bowl VIII - a crazed and futile attempt, as I recall, to explain the nature of my relationship with the National Football League. It was just before dawn when the urge to speak came on me. I had not planned a sermon for that morning - or any other morning, for that matter - but now, looking back on that outburst, I see that I'd been cranking myself up for it, in a slow and violent way, for at least two months and maybe three or four.

Walker. Then Thompson. I try not to spend too much time living in the past but when I do I like to spend it with the motherfucking best.   


motorcycleguy said...

Thanks for this...gonna' be on my list for next Record Day...I really thought I had a couple of Jerry Jeff's, alas I guess not..looked in cassette, vinyl and CD piles...though I'm known to quote him once in a while, did not know about the Hunter S. Thompson thing here

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

"Enough To Make A Man Believe" - Thompson's essay - is well worth reading. It touches on religion, football, Muhammad Ali, Pat Buchanan and Nixon all in the context of drugs and alcohol.