19 September 2016

Brady Brunch

Watched American football with Sonja last Sunday. It could not have been more boring. Give me Canadian ball, American ball's under appreciated senior cousin, any day.

This Sunday we opted for something a little more fast paced. The fucking Brady Bunch. Two episodes back to back.

Pig skin motherfuckers.


Lenin's Ghost said...

I don't watch the Yankee version.....too many teams. Too much hype. Too many downs.
Used to go to Lion's games but higher prices and expensive beer shut that down.
Should be Canucks only playing.

Not as into it as I used to be. Some coworkers are amazed that I have lion's t-shirts older than they are! Hahaha

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Americans, who think they can and have made anything that has or is about to cross their path great greater sure made a bad job of it with football.

Overpriced beer has taken the fun out of much of life. I thank my union every day I can afford to drink the shit.

Lenin's Ghost said...

My union job allows me much more than the average Joe. But since getting involved with unifor, it's a crappy union gone completely to shit!
Just glad you can still afford the odd pint or two.