29 July 2016

Your Local Horse Racetrack

Been to your local horse racing track lately? Everyone has their favourite summer pastime. For some it is a baseball game, for others it is a round of golf, still others prefer a sandy beach. For me it is the race track, the beer tastes best there. Twice a week it is the best party in town what with the big crowds horse racing is again attracting to Dope City Downs.

The local track is all I have now. My province's bush racing enthusiasts have been unable to get together a card this year. They are still training racehorses in the spring and winter at Sagebrush Downs and Dessert Park. Do not think they are even doing that at Sunflower Downs, my favourite track of all. Some motherfucker burned down the grandstand at Kin Park and from there I have had no news at all.

If a racetrack is not near you all but the bush races are available in your computer. That is where I keep up on my favourite jockey Kassie Guglielmino, who I saw ride her first races at Sunflower Downs. She has been doing well in Portland and honing her craft in the northwest bushes. Somebody needs to start putting her on some much better horses at much better racetracks. She is ready.

Big races, like the Haskell Invitational featuring both Nyquist and Exaggerator (who I think will win) in New Jersey Sunday, attract pretty big audiences themselves broadcast on national television.

My favourite new jockey is Scott Bethke. Still just 16 he has raced at Fonner and Canterbury already. A 16 year old with a 10% win rate. Appears to have a career worth following the young lad does.


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3 weeks to get ready for a sunny Saturday.

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