26 July 2016

Dope City Property Is Theft

Do not know quite what to do about all the corrupt fucking rich Chinese bidding up and buying up Dope City property do we? On the one hand the value of our homes have gone up faster than a recently deceased rock star's back catalogue. On the other hand our children will either be hatching plans to off us so they can get their hands on their inheritance before they are in their sixties, moving far, far away or enjoying life in the basement with their bong collection and their video game addiction until one day they look in the mirror and find they have become eerily similar looking to Mike De Jong.

What the fucking Liberals have done to address the issue, wet paper bag legislation that will soon be punched out of repeatedly, will not help and they know it. The corrupt fucking rich Chinese must be laughing their heads off. They know how the game works and they play it very well: One for them, one law for us.


There is a solution for everything the rich try and nearly always get away with. Take Volkswagen's false emissions readings engineered into their diesels. What should have been done to teach the Squareheads a lesson was take every last one their crookedly designed cars to the crusher. Every last one! Deprive them of every cent of the parts replacement income they depend on as their cars wear out. Instead they got a slap on the wrist which will teach them to be more careful about how they fist-fuck their customers in the future.

Property, it has been said, is theft. Property beyond that which is necessary for one's personal needs. i.e. shelter, food, beer and such. We are being robbed like Billy Miner never dreamed of and none of the people robbing us have any expectation, nor worry, of ever ending up like Miner did.

The system is shit.

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Lenin's Ghost said...

Well put! Listening to mighty mothercorp this morning. A Chinese realtor complaining bitterly. After saying his language was Cantonese he added that English is first language now. Wtf! Host asked his what % of his business is Chinese, he babbled about nothing and finally admitted that over 75% of his business was from there. Then went on say this tax would not be a big problem as one of his clients had told him earlier to spend 150 million as soon as possible. Fuuuuuck!