19 June 2016

Unfed Tyger

I have long thought myself a somewhat independent motherfucker. Lone wolf. Hash assassin. Clock racer. Sky diver. Unfed tyger. Anarchist cultus coolee.

Which, it turns out, proves, yet again, I do not know shit about motherfuck all.

What I learned today is that it is only recently I have become independent. All these years I have been as dog dependent as a blind man with one of those dogs that know what the fuck is going on and how to get there.

Which is to say I have been repeatedly bumping into shit big and small I should have seen coming since the Hammer died on Valentine's Day. In the past, when Strangler and Ranger died, Sonja and I found ourselves a new dog after three or four months, which is about how long it has been now. We are taking our time, as independent people do, to find a new dog to depend on.

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