14 June 2016

Goldilocks Nation

Canadians are known to yack like Boots Randolph about the weather on account of we are a bunch of motherfucking Goldilocks. It is nearly always too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too windy, not windy enough, too snowy or not snowy enough. We have been known to go on at great length about the very quality of snow which is invariably not quite right for us. I try not to bore you with it.

This June, however, has been just right.

Once the freakishly warm early spring was done with, in which the fear of Hellish forest fires and a lack of water to wash our cars and irrigate our lawns dominated conversation, we have had a little bit of everything. We are supposed to get a decent amount of rain this month and it has done so. It feels good.

Normal weather is no longer normal - it is something to take note of on the rare occasions we get some.


motorcycleguy said...

"Normal weather is no longer normal - it is something to take note of on the rare occasions we get some."

complete agreement...time was I could get away with the May 24 ride to Falkland Rodeo with no attention after winter storage 'cause I knew I would have all of June to fix up anything that went awry with the 'ol shovelhead....last year it was too nice to do historical maintenance and had to make it all the way through spring, summer, fall and into early winter

conundrum....did I use less, or more of the Earth's non-renewable resources?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Time to trade the hog in on an electric mc?

motorcycleguy said...

nope....that brings out the argument of no free lunch....can't get from A to B faster or carrying more weight without using more horsepower....no matter the horsepower comes from decaying dinosaurs to make oil or from draining alpine lakes, diverting waterfalls, drying up sections of river, stringing powerlines, mining rare earth materials for batteries and paying private IPP's to make electricity....first, need less people in the world and second, need the ones that are left to go less places more slowly

luckily I am old now and slow is ok....still working on the going less places thing though

a buddy of mine rode a "Zero"...very impressive...but can only get to Hope on a charge...not at all bad for in town though

brings up second argument of why can't we insure two vehicles on one policy, one eco friendly for commuting (Skytrain and buses don't go to industrial areas where people actually do real work)...and one vehicle for various other Canadian cultural heritage practices