25 May 2016

On the Tragically Hip

I wish I had wrote this before. It would be easy to not write it now. Dishonest but easy.

I fucking hate the Tragically Hip. Always have. Load of wank they are.

Once got in a punch up for taking one of their miserable records off a turntable at a party. "What the fuck you doing taking the Hip off the record player asshole?" the offended party asked me. Did not even bother to answer the motherfucker. Just separated him from his consciousness, flung his shit Hip record outside onto the wet lawn and rocked on.

Cannot exactly say why I think the Hip are shit. Other than that just about everybody from motherfucking Ontario are just that. S-H-I-T. Shit.

Even bought a used copy of an overly long live set of their's they recorded at an Ontario hockey rink to see if the live version of the band might have some redeeming qualities I had missed out on. It is crap. Worse than their records. Even their crap song about blow everybody else seems to think is so fucking great.

The Tragically Hip are no Rockin' Ronnie Hawkins that is for god damn sure.

Fuck 'em.


theo said...

Ha-ha-ha. I finally have something I like that you don’t, Beer. Christ, the next thing I’ll learn is you don’t like fucking Opera! Just keep on being Beer, mate.


Nazz Nomad said...

Down in here the lower 48, the Tragically Hip are merely a rumor. Like free health care.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

How about Paul Anka? Heard of Him? Seems like ever since America repealed Prohibition the country has not been listening to Canada.