3 May 2016

Falling Sky

For the record, I get a little uncomfortable with the somewhat religious tone we too often hear from both sides of the fossil fuel squabble. Falling sky theorists is what I think of the motherfuckers.

That said, I am above all else a fucking utilitarian: the political theory that what we must at all times aim for is the greatest fucking good for the greatest fucking number. I do not think it utilitarian to hurry along the overheating of our planet thereby causing much suffering, death and extinction by continuing to burn fossil fuels at the rate we have been since we switched from burning the oil of sea creatures to what we found in the ground.

On the other hand I figure it is not the burning of fossil fuels that is the root of our primary environmental predicament. The root of that problem is overpopulation. A problem that climate change may force us at last to address in one way or another.

I have, for the record, also taken note of the working class response to the possible curtailment of fossil fuel production in Alberta and elsewhere. It is similar to the working class response to the curtailment of old growth logging here in British Columbia a generation ago - aggressive denial.

The prescription for the hurt the working class will feel as we lessen our dependence on fossil fuels is similar to what was offered to displaced workers a generation ago as well. Forest workers got an excellent programme called Forest Renewal BC. An excellent programme, that is, until the cunt who still works for the government of Canada as our ambassador to Britain shit canned it just as soon as he was elected in 2001.


motorcycleguy said...

"The root of that problem is overpopulation". I concur, but Mrs. Motorcycleguy is greatly contributing to our household income as a nurse saving people...what a quandry.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The way I see it Mrs. MG is in the clear unless she is giving people fossil fuel enemas. Now that you mention it our longer lifespans also play a role in the amount of finite resources we consume. Not as big a role as breeding though.

Chuckstraight said...

For myself, the big issue is "economic growth". Every politician of every stripe says it- but economic growth is actually the problem.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Yes, but population growth, particularly in countries where wealth and consumption is concentrated, is tied closely with economic growth.