21 March 2016

Outside of Society

Did some late winter camping this weekend. Not far from the city. Close enough to not worry if you are going to run out of beer until it has been dark a while.

Turns out there are people out here on the edge of society who live in their fucking RVs all the year round. It is not just about the homeless, the poor and shit. It is about people who ought to be able to fit in who cannot do it in today's Dope City.

And, above all else, it is about their growing number. First it was about one man's wage not being enough to make it; then it was about a man and a woman's wage not being able to make it; now it is getting to be so as a whole family working cannot fucking make it.

It is no wonder the fucking government decided to close down all the dumps. They did not want to have to deal with the optics of people making it there - outside of society.

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Chuckstraight said...

Interesting point. Have a friend who travelled in the USA- said many there live at rest areas.