3 March 2016

More On Saturday Night's Party

At the party on Saturday Kyle supplied the music with one of those music boxes that look like a small guitar amplifier. Somehow or other he routed a radio station of some sort in his phone into the amp. Sounded good but my audio nut ears noticed the cymbals, in particular, were lacking a little. That is the dead giveaway for compressed music for me. That and backing vocals can be difficult to hear if they remain in the mix at all.

Like most people, even people my age, Kyle is pretty fucking up to date with technological advancements. "You ought to get up to date with shit," he told me matter of factly, with that YOU FUCKING RETARD look people give me when they realize I am so not with the programme.

The radio station he accessed most of the evening was a David Bowie themed one. If there was half a chance an artist had fucked a goat at least once we heard their music. Lots of Lou Reed, T Rex, Mott the Hoople, Sparks, Elton John, Bryan Adams, Joan Jett and the goat fuckingest band of them all - fucking Queen. Quite enjoyable really.

I stick with WDVX-FM. American music. Hardly any goat fuckers at all.

Kyle played his piano too. Played some Adelle, for the girls to sing along to; some David Bowie, for the  boys to preen to; and some Pink Floyd, for the dopers.

The music, both recorded and live, made everybody feel glad they are alive.

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