1 March 2016

Luckiest Man In Steepleton

There was a message for me on my phone today at lunch time.

"This message is for Mr. Beer N. Hockey. Your bid on the Colorado Avalanche beer mug set was the highest! Please come down as soon as you can and pick up your beer mugs."

Woo-hoo! Just what I needed - more fucking beer mugs!

I put in a big enough bid in the silent auction that mine was certain to be the highest. I am pretty certain I am the only Colorado fan in Steepleton.

When I got to the store to pick up my shiny new beer receptacles I learned I had been lucky to get them at all.

"You must be the luckiest man in Steepleton," the clerk told me. "Someone broke in on the weekend and stole everything in the silent auction displays. The only thing they left behind was your (fucking) beer mugs."

I laughed a little when told that. The clerk did not get the joke. The thieves could not have been Canuck fans I deduced. One of those motherfuckers would have thrown every last one my beer mugs against a wall.

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