15 February 2016

Whispers In My House

For some time I could never decide if I preferred liquor or dope. I drank a lot of liquor and I smoked a lot of weed. It was a long period of indecision. It took perhaps 30 years before I laid my doper past into a casket, buried him and went for a drink.

People I know still pass their smoke to me, still cannot believe I lost my enthusiasm for weed. Fucking hippies. Keep that shit away from me.

Liquor may kill me sooner than weed  ever would but how fucking long do you want to live anyway? Liquor, I have found over the years, has its uses. One of those uses is grieving. Smoking weed is fucking useless for that.

I have yet to have those drinks with the Hammer's ghost. I would be a blubbering idiot in no time flat. Some time soon, I hope this week, I will do so. Say good-bye with a bottle of Arrans I will liberate from its cork and begin moving along, begin doing so with diminishing tears in my eyes.

I have been going through our old pictures where the Hammer is featured often, with Sonja and I, and other people too. Fun pictures because having a big energetic dog makes sure you have lots of that.

I hope the Hammer's ghost sticks around though. Her whispers in my house make it beautiful at night.


theo said...

Hi Beer. I can still tear up thinking about my last dog. Yeah, the Arrans will do. Tell the Hammer the digital world will miss her too. I am attaching my script for the show on the 25th of February. Let me know if it’s okay. I figure if anyone wants the background on the Hammer they can read you.


“Well, any early start for our metal segment on this show. My co-hosts apparently are of the opinion they can wear me down over the course of the remainder of the show and have me play a second set of metal. We shall see. By the way dear solar sprites, thank you for being on this episode. I didn’t expect you to be give the time we had on the last show.

You’re only here because Laymarla had an appointment and couldn’t hear the show live? Oh dear. That must be quite a deprivation for cheese popcorn fanatics such as yourselves. Oh well, perhaps she can listen to the podcast after the show. My goodness, we started off hard, I think we should keep that hard edge on the music. However we shall shift genres and go with a band from Vancouver that is definitely a legend in Canadian music if not the world. This set is dedicated to my online buddy Beer who is a big fan of this next band, as am I. I will also dedicate the set to Beer’s best buddy The Hammer, who passed away on February 12th after a brave fight with illness...

D.O.A. - Hard Rain Falling - chartlist Rock Cancon
1 - Punk Rock Hero (2:19)
5 - Johnny Too Bad (2:41) 2
6 - Pipeline Fever (2:08)
9 - Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More (2:23)
11 - Ni Hao (2:32)

Good morning World. If you are Canadian Punk rock fan you should have immediately guessed the band at the start of the set. From Vancouver, D.O.A. have been rocking the world since the 70s and they have a new album out. It’s called Hard Rain Falling and we played 5 tracks. Punk Rock Hero, Johnny Too Bad, Pipeline Fever, Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More and finished with Ni Hao. There are 12 tracks on the album and you can be sure the remaining 7 tracks will get air time on this show. I mentioned the set was dedicated to my friend Beer and his best mate The Hammer. I have never met Beer. I only through him through his online writings. I can’t honestly say I am a friend to Beer as by comparison he knows shit about me. I don’t blog. Beer does though and he’s been doing it for quite a while so I know him enough to consider him a kindred spirit and I really like him. His blog is called Dope City Free Press. Do the googily thing. You’ll find him quick enough.”

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'm wowed as a man can be.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

DOA wil be too.