18 December 2015

Steepleton Poet's Society






theo said...

Hey Beer - all the best in the new year for Sonja, you and continued good health to the Hammer right to the end.
Thanks for blogging, mate! You always lift my spirits (well, most of the time) with your appropriate comments and personal insights.

May all the financiers and money managers in the world and their politician lapdogs fall over dead in the coming year.
May something happen to cause all religion to shrivel up and die in the coming year.
May everyone’s grandchildren see some things happen in the coming year that they can have a hope when they reach adulthood.

There’s my sparkle pony wishes for the year.

Me? I’ll just keep trying to make people smile in my little ways. Ain’t good for much else.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Cheers Theo. One of my favourite sayings goes something like this, "May the last politician be strangled by the guts of the last priest." It gets truer with each passing year. Many of the babies born this year will survive to see the next century. The sooner they realize people have the power the better. It is called Albertanism.

Karl said...

I have never written a poem but if it is like riding a motorcycle, well.... nothing more needs be said.

motorcycleguy said...

couldn't find the words to comment....looks like Karl had them

p.s. compare this post's photo to the cover of Michelle Shocked "Short Sharp Shocked" that came up in conversation a while back

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The image from Shock's lp and the above image captured at an Occupation in Oregon four years back share similar circumstances that' for sure: police oppression of Freedom.