10 December 2015

El Ray del Olvid

Hunky Z and Kitty joined us here on the fucking beach on Saturday. Unannounced.

"We couldn't afford to stay home the deal was so good," was how Kitty explained their unexpected arrival.

Hunky brought down a huge bag of mushrooms with him. They have gone down exceptionally well with the peyote, tequila and beer. Once you have vomited a few times (vomiting while having a swim in the ocean is best - you get all these cool fish feeding on what was recently in your stomach all around you) and you have taken the space shuttle to The Hall of the Mountain Grill even the resort's techno dance party music starts making you feel like dancing, dancing, dancing the night away.

There are a lot of English here. Decided to fly their pasty selves to Mexico when the fucking Turks/Russians/Loons screwed up their plans to visit King Fucking Tut in Egypt. They are so well behaved. So un-English. English people once set the bar, long since surpassed by Americans, for bad behaviour overseas. Gone all pussy now they have.

Motherfuckers are more polite than Canadians. My guess is they are scared shitless of getting shot up or bombed - it is the Spirit of the Age - and I will bet the Mexicans all look pretty much like Arabs to them.

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