22 November 2015

La Attendant la Fin du Monde




Rock 'n' roll suicide.

Usually the words pour out of me like a Latino football play by play man on such occasions. As words poured out of every other motherfucker from the President of the United States to your corner store cashier.

Nothing came. Guess I am bored of the terrorist shit. The Chairman of the Board.

Treat a region's working class anywhere in the world like shit on the bottom of your shoe for decades you are fucking asking for it if you ask me. One day Canada will get it too.

A note to y'all : there is no such fucking thing as security. Not the sort of donut powered security promised by the state. That is bullshit.

Security is best realized when we live with the most Freedom coupled with the most Society. Neither Freedom nor Society get a lot of play these days: it is all about greed and fucking people over in a dubiously motivated scramble to some imaginary top.

Something better change. The dead, I fear, will continue to pile up in mounds, as they have for thousands of years, before we give another way a shot.


ib said...

I too struggled to find something to say on the subject and finally gave it up altogether. One way or another, as you rightly observe, the body count will continue to rise.

I have nothing more to add.

chuckstraight said...

I have summed it up this way: the world is absolutely fucked.