6 November 2015

Canada's Newest Minister of War

There was a discussion at coffee time today.

Half the room was proud their guy had been named Canada's newest Defence Minister (Minister of War). "He was the best intelligence guy we had in Afghanistan! The best! Badass smart motherfucker! Our guy!"

The other half of the room was a little less enthusiastic. "You guys forget we lost the fucking war in Afghanistan. At best he was the best of a sorry lot. The best of a bunch of fucking losers."

With that one of the less enthusiastic half of the room formed an L with his thumb and index finger and placed it in front of his forehead.

No fisticuffs or anything. We are as racially integrated as any workforce in Canada. Integrated yet inharmonious.

I figure the less enthusiastic half of the room won the argument. Nobody gives a fuck who Canada's Defence Minister is. It is like giving a fuck who the manager of Slough FC is.

You may differ.


motorcycleguy said...

undecided......only one way to settle this...let's all kick in for a plane ticket to Moscow for this guy and put the two badasses together in a room, televise it kinda' like they do pre boxing match in Vegas....shasqua vs kirpan....steely eyed stare vs steely eyed stare...no actual boxing of course or we would send Trudeau....almost as good as going to Hastings Park for the betting....unless it turns out like Clark Park back in the day.....which would prove we have learned nothing about war

Anonymous said...

Neil Baker is the joint manager of Slough Town FC. Do I win? No information as to why their joints need managing.