6 October 2015

Forty Motorheadbanging Years

Got a pile of records to listen to once the election is over and we have either a) resumed having our legs chewed by two headed Conservative dogs, b) woke up in Marijuanatopia or c) finally got it right and voted to begin building the People's Republic of Canada. No time to listen to them until October 19th has come and gone however, with one exception.

That exceptional record came with a cd tucked in with the 12 inches of grooves. Motörhead's "Bad Magic." Been listening to it in the car. LOUD. Is not a band in the history of the world that has made a record near as good as this 40 years after they made their first one.

The greatest rock 'n' roll band ever has recorded the greatest campaign song ever - "Victory or Death."

Long live Lemmy, my psychedelic warlord. Long live rock 'n' roll. Buy it or die, motherfuckers.

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Stephanie (Van) said...

yes yes yes yes, at least my romantic side (totally worthwhile btw)