6 September 2015

The Open Road or the Road To Ruin

Too busy to write so it did not matter much last weekends's shit storm knocked my computer out for a week. As the winds reached one of their many peaks Sonja and I could hear the electrical gear up the pole closest to our place going nuts trying to keep us from blacking out before finally packing it in with a massive bang.

"Fucking Liberals," I cursed knowing those assholes, their crooked backers, incompetent hand picked managers and their billion plus waste of my money on so called smart meters were to blame for fucking near a million of us sitting in front of our gigantic televisions wondering if there was a chance we might get laid because there was nothing else to do for the foreseeable future.

When, much later, I went into the room where I do my computing it still smelled of sizzled electronic bits. "Liberal fucks," I cursed again.

Before and after the shitstorm I had been out visiting my party's supporters and their less supportive neighbours on their porches with my fellow political hopefuls. It was windy but really quite pleasant. Or so we thought. If the unsupportive crowd get their way and my party and I end up with the Devil in Hell we will organize ourselves and try to elect a better Devil there too.

Takes more than a fucking hurricane to keep us from our task.

More of the people than ever in my city are unusually receptive to our message. As for the rest, well, they are much like Canuck fans eager to lap up whatever shit gets put before them each season. Would not ask themselves if they felt cheated on their way home from a bad day at the races.

Certain people gain our admiration more than most as we make our way about town. One guy predicted the price of gas would drop at the outset of the campaign and that it would later rise to its usually criminal highs once the wool had been pulled over our eyes for the umpteenth time. So far he is looking like one wise motherfucker.

Another favourite we encountered loading her small children into her minivan just yesterday. "Anyone but that cocksucker Harper," was how she summed up who she and her husband are voting for. It is people like her that keep us on the road.

Let's hope it is not the Road To Ruin.


ron wilton said...

Just to let you know that your readership extends beyond the realm and your use of the moniker 'Liberal' may be misconstrued in the ROC and cause some unfair grief to some of your faithful.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Quite right Ron. The Liberals (in name only) in my wacky province are mostly worst kind of Conservatives imaginable. As for the ROC, if they think there is much of a difference between Liberals and Conservatives, in this country, they are delusional.