28 September 2015

Row, Row, Rowing the Vote Boat

Rowed my party's election boat all weekend. Easy work, no matter what the fucking polls say, when everybody's spirits have been buoyed by brilliant autumn sun.

Finished up Sunday afternoon. Enough time to walk the never say die Hammer (where I met and talked politics with a recent arrival to my 'hood for the first time) and take Sonja to the pub for a little grub and some much needed liquor.

Nobody was talking politics in the pub. Sonja noticed.

"Sure is nice nobody is talking fucking politics in here," she noted after she had emptied a glass of red, pushed it to the side and pulled a fresh glass towards her.

It was. It is a good idea to get off the vote boat here and there during a campaign. But it gets harder and harder to get off the boat as Election Day nears. Only night off I anticipate getting off between now and October 19th is October 5th when Neil Young has plans to entertain me and a few other people.

Neil would never ruin my fun night out with any political talk now would he?

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