19 September 2015

Roadkill Philosophy

Ever see a baby raccoon slaughtered by a car in the middle or the side of the road? Lots, right? In urban areas cars are just about the only enemy a raccoon has to fear.

But raccoons are smart. They stay off roads for the most part, especially the main ones. Keep their territory tight they do. MC tight.

But some of them still get whacked and now I know why. On my way into the mill this morning I spotted two kits playing on the road in the dark. I braked and honked my horn which got their attention and their furry asses running down the sidewalk where they should have been the whole fucking time.

Our love of play is at least equal to that of our neighbourhood raccoon. Which is why so many of us die doing what we love best. Fair deal really. A life without danger ain't much of a life.

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