25 September 2015

On Alberta

Less than half a year ago I was in Alberta celebrating the democratic overthrow of a string of Conservative governments nearly as long as the string of years the Dope City Canucks have gone without winning a Stanley Cup.

Now it looks like the fuckers (with a few notable pocket exceptions) are about to kiss Harper's ample Albertan ass and back the federal Conservative Party yet again. I cannot help but wonder how poor of a performance the federal Conservatives would have to put on to have Albertans at long last back another more ethically promising brand because the performance they have given us the past four years has been enough to make a man dry heaving puke.


Chuckstraight said...

They are probably worried about Immigrants and face coverings.
Crazy that many will overlook the corrupt BS that went down since Harper was elected.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sort of like a cult overlooks a bad actor for a leader.

RossK said...

What's that you're sayin'....

...That a veiled belly dancer has given Mr. Harper his Sister Souljah moment?


Would 'a thunk it.