16 August 2015

Two Unmistakeable Trends

Walked two traditionally heavy Conservative polls today. Just like a lot of other people trying to Stop Harper and his fucking stooges we have to do much of our hunting in just such territory. As the responses from people's front porches began to add up two unmistakeable trends emerged.

Stubborn Conservative voters are choosing to say they are voting for Harper's local stooge rather than Harper himself or his party. This may be a way for them to divorce themselves from the so big it is impossible to ignore heap of shit government and Prime Minister they are responsible for. "Hey," they seem to be saying, "Our guy isn't the crooked motherfucker."

The second trend is previously Conservative voters giving a party other than the one presently in power due consideration. Never enough such individuals and families for my liking but enough of them to make me feel a little better about my country.

I would like to report I went out drinking once the day's work was done. That, I believe, may have been part of Harper's plan when he decided to gift Canada with the longest, most expensive, election in history. I am not falling for it. If I went all Hunter Thompson for 11 weeks of campaigning this one may have been my last. 6 straight weeks of that is about all I am likely to survive as I make my way grudgingly from my September years into October.

The party starts on Labour Day, motherfuckers. Buy a ticket and take the fucking ride.

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